We produce software to satisfy a number of property management markets:
(includes over 70 templates and a detailed Guide)

Solutions for Private Landlords

Personal (Buy-To-Let) Landlord Software

If you manage your own property, then this is the software to help you make the most of it.Innovative features are combined with a clean, simple and modern interface - no wonder our software is used by tousands of landlords worldwide.

This range is suitable for:

  • novice landlords who are just starting out
  • private portfolio landlords with any number of properties
  • those who manage other people's property but do not charge management fees (for example: your partner's or friends properties on a free basis)

Solutions for Letting Agents

Software for Small or Start-up Letting Agents

Letting property is a labour-intensive task and relies upon proper management of day-to-day tasks as well as strict financial control.
Wild Rabbit Software for Small Agencies provides the foundation that you need to get your business off on the right path at a cost that you can afford.

This range is suitable for:

  • letting agents who are just starting out
  • private landlords who are charging fees to others for management services
  • established small letting agencies who wish to reduce their administration overheads or increase their profitability

Management Software for Established Letting Agents

If you have an existing letting agency but are looking either to automate your paper process, or replace an existing system then this is the product for you. Full dual-entry combined with highly granular control over which staff can access or update which information. Share live data with colleagues using the fully featured management suite that not just meets, but exceeds everything you'd expect from a modern management package.

This range is suitable for:

  • established letting agents
  • companies that need two or more people accessing the data at the same time
  • companies who need to specify exactly who can see and edit which data

If you are looking for property or rental management software, then look no further! Quick and easy to use, "Wild Rabbit Software" is the perfect choice to help bring order to your day to day property management tasks.5 reasons why to use our softwarePrint out tenancy agreements, correspondence and other mailshots, quickly and easily or send them by email. Files sent by email are converted into "PDF" format so it is read-only and will appear just as you intended it to. In addition to letters,messages can be sent simply and quicklyto you tenants and landlords (or anyone else on your contacts list).You'll feel right at home with the familiar Outlook-style task and appointment diary. The reminder system continuously monitors your properties for forthcoming tasks and actions - even ifyou are not currently using the main system.Tenant underpayment, overpayment, arrears and account management is included as standard. Unlike some other systems there is far less risk of your data getting corrupted as it's stored in an industrial strengh database. Add in a pinch of backup management and you have a reliable and solid system that can grow with you without the need to start all over every few years. Isn't that a good feeling?Wild Rabbit Software offers you complete control over your property portfolio, from knowing what tenants are due to pay, to inventory and sophisticated financial reporting.If you're looking for a property management system to start out with, or you are looking to replace an existing system that struggles to cope, look no further.


Print out letters, email and send SMS texts one at a time or in bulk using Microsft Word

Calendar & Reminder System

Reminds you of important events such as safety certificates. Add your own events using the advanced reminder system. Set one-off or recurring reminders and appointments for viewings, meetings etc

HMO & Student Lets

Easily manage multiple lettings in a single property

Active Reports

Flexible and accurate reporting, you can drill down on a Tenant Statement to see individual transactions

Search, Export & Print Data

Search your data by section or system wide. Export virtually all visible data. Print that data.

View Data Any Way You Want

Work by area? No problem - group your data by catagory, town, postcode..anything you like. Sort, arrange and select the data you want to see on screen.

Rent Tracking

The system takes care of all tracking. Just confirm rent payments as they come in and the rest is automatic. Simple

Multiple Tenants

Our accounting engine makes assisted rent payments simple to manage

Share Data with Multiple Users

Networkable out of the box, multiple users can access and update the data - live - at the same time. Add more users as you need them.

Additional Documents

Includes over 70 documents and legal document templates

Outlook Sync

Discover the benefits of near-continuous 2-way synchronisation with Outlook contacts, tasks and appointments. This ensures you have absolutely no duplication of effort.

Add More Properties

Benefit from the increased number of properties that can be added to the SAME system. Leave your portfolio some space to grow.


As the system updates to be better, benefit from these updates free.